Our Weekly TL;DR on Growth Perspectives

The Rise of Growth Leaders…what do they actually do?

April 13, 2022 - Dan Rossignol

For CEOs and founding teams, it can be difficult to oversee an entire business while dedicating the time necessary to setting the forward vision needed to achieve long-range business development and category design success. CEOs and founding teams require a trusted hand to help define broad growth goals while also overseeing the entire go-to-market execution strategy. Now enters Growth Leaders often called Chief Growth Officers and they are not to be confused with roles like VP’s of Sales or even Chief Revenue Officers. CGO’s are intended to fulfill more of a cross-functional leadership responsibility that combines experiences in sales, marketing, CS, and product management into one power broker position. Yikes! That may seem like only a unicorn could fill that role, right? Well the truth is that this role should be something that early stage team think about filling later in the life cycle because this multi-player role must have the trust and support of internal stakeholders, investors, and key board members in order to be successful.   

Here are some quick CGO Readiness actions you can take: 

  • Start Grooming Internal Candidates (only if you have A-Players in mind): CGO’s with strong internal social capital will leapfrog external hire productivity 
  • Establish Metric Oriented Cultures & Sub Cultures: CGO’s are responsible for owning long-range and near-range leading indicators of success
  • Pick or Design A High Conviction Business Category: CGO’s are marketing savvy and need to clearly articulate your category importance
  • Refrain From CGO Functional Leadership Consolidation: You will still need marketing, sales, operations, and customer success leaders 

In order to achieve X-Factor CGO Success: 

  • Maniacally focus on productive revenue generating activities that overlay growth collaboration across different functions in the company.
  • Deliberately avoid introducing unproductive revenue bottlenecking activities that distract or confuse alignment across different functions in the company. 

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