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Marcela Sapone
Marcela is a leader in entrepreneurial ecosystem, being the CEO and Co-Founder of Alfred, an residential management platform. Marcela's expertise in execution, finances, business development, and communications will provide JKURV members valuable resources, in addition to getting access to Marcela's network and funding playbooks.

Marcela's Operator Experience: CEO, Co-Founder @ Alfred (backed by Spark Capital, NEA) McKinsey Mid-market Private Equity Bridgewater Associates

Ugur Kaner
Ugur Kaner is a long-time entrepreneur and leader, with hands-on experience in product and design. Ugur has led teams across the spectrum, from YC startup MBX to Udemy. Ugur brings JKURV members his immense experience in startups, from launching to exit, and from designing products to leading teams.

Ugur's Operating Experience: Co-Founder & CPO @ Collective VP Product @ MBX (YCW14) Product @ Udemy

Anne Cheng
Anne Cheng is an active angel investor and highly successful entrepreneur, having founded several VC backed startups, which have exited - including Start Up Nation. Anne brings JKURV members her expertise in marketing, technology, sales, as well as access to her keen understanding of how to leverage cognitive AI in accelerating sales and marketing.

Anne's Operator Experience: Founder and CEO @ Supercharge Lab Founder @ Start Up Nation (Exited in 2017)

Bryson Keeton
Bryson Keeton's experience spans from playing cornerback in NFL to being the lead in business operations at Fortune 500 companies to board member to active investor. Bryson brings JKURV members his vast network and operations skills.

Bryson's Operator Experience: Business Operations Lead @ Dell, VMWare, Microsoft, The Spur Group Mentor @ 500 Global NFL Cornerback @ New York Jets

Caren Maio
Caren Maio is an active angel investor and serial founder, having founded successful proptech startups. Caren brings JKURV members her expertise in execution, sales, and operations, as well as access to Caren's insights in building and operating SaaS companies, coaching and advising founders in GTM strategy, team formation, and fundraising.

Caren's Operator Experience: President @ Moved Entrepreneur-In-Residence @ Camber Creek CEO @ Funnel (backed by RET, Trinity Ventures, Camber Creek)

Danaus Chang
Danaus Chang is an active angel investor, startup operator, and founder coach within the early stage software ecosystem. Danaus brings over 15 years of experience scaling multiple startups. Danaus's network provides JKURV members access to top tier VC’s, industry experts, and high growth founders. Danaus spends his free time coaching founders and is passionate about sharing his war stories and battle scars with the next generation of startup leaders.

Danaus's Operator Experience: Co-Founder/CRO @ Awning (backed by GFC, MMV) Sr. VP Sales & Marketing @ Rentlytics (Acq in 2019) VP Business Development @ UserTesting (IPO in 2021)

Valerie Emanuel
Valerie Emanuel is a mother, founder, and creative producer, with expertise in execution, operations, marketing, business development, and communications. Valerie brings to JKURV members her talents in branding and influencer-related skills.

Valerie's Operator Experience: Founder @ Rif care Founder @ Role Models Management

Carlos Ventura
Carlos is an active entrepreneur and angel investor, currently leading a foodtech startup, Feast & Fettle. Carlos brings JKURV members his expertise in execution, marketing, and operations.

Carlos's Operator Experience: CEO @ Feast & Fettle

Darcel Dillard-Suite
Darcel Dillard-Suite is an active angel investor, startup founder, business development operator, and coach/mentor to leaders in healthcare and mental health space - with over 20 years of experience.

Darcel's Operator Experience: Co-Founder @ Full Circle Health Launching a Metaverse platform in digital mental health Mentor in healthcare & mental health

Brahm Rhodes
Brahm Rhodes is an investor, founder, mentor, inventor, and educator within the early-stage startup ecosystem. Brahm has over two decades of experience building technology startups having worked across multiple industries and technologies. Brahm brings his operational, technology development, and investing experience to JKURV members, as well as access to a broad network of angel investors, VCs, and operators.

Brahm's Operator Experience: Managing Partner @ Malaika Ventures Advisor @ Invidica (Active: Seed) Board Member @ Stopwatch Founder, CEO @ DigitalShares

Francesca Loftus
Francesca is a long-time entrepreneur and operator in proptech, having led companies that have been backed by leading VC firms and had successfully exited. Francesca provides JKURV access to experiencing re-orienting products, teams or companies toward automated operations and profitability: creating operating systems that scale for both measuring internal performance and executing externally.

Francesca's Operator Experience: Co-Founder, CEO @ HOM (backed by MetaProp, Moderne. Acq in 2021) VP of Experiences @ Alfred (backed by Rialto, Spark Capital, Invesco, Greystar) Lead, North America @ Techmeetups.com)

Justin Cohen
Justin is the ultimate entrepreneur, executive, and operator in startups, having led startups and teams from scratch to multi-million dollar companies. Justin's skills in execution, marketing, technology, business development gives JKURV members access to his playbooks in developing great product experiences, GTM and customer acquisition strategies - from concept to scaling.

Justin's Operator Experience: VP of Digital Banking @ Avant VP of Marketing @ Avant Chief Marketing & Product Officer @ Pangea Properties Head of Marketing @ Enova

Julia Sutton
Julia Sutton is a serial leader, with over 10 years of experience at both startups and large corporations, for- and non-profit, with 2 company exits via acquisition. Julia brings JKURV members access to her network, as well as operations playbooks.

Julia's Operator Experience: CGO @ Vitruvia Co-Founder @ Exhale Enterprises

Ted Benakis
Ted Benakis has spent 10 years (and counting) facilitating enterprise sales for B2B SaaS companies, and specializes in landing & expanding strategic accounts. At his current company, Highlight, Ted leads the sales team, taking the company from 0 to $1M in his first 10 months. Highlight is now poised to 8x YoY. Ted’s expertise includes standing up outbound sales campaigns to create pipeline, land & expand playbooks, ICP development, and full-cycle sales mechanics.

Ted's Operator Experience: Director, Enterprise Sales @ Highlight (backed by First Round Capital) Head of Sales @ FunnelBeam (backed by Mindset Ventures) Strategic Business Development @ Usertesting (IPO in 2021)

Lindsay Martinez
Lindsay Martinez is an angel investor and serial customer success operator at PropTech startups, with over 8+ years in PropTech. Lindsay's network provides JKURV members access to operators, founders, and investors - as well as Lindsay's expertise in Customer Success and Product Strategy in PropTech.

Lindsay's Operator Experience: VP of Customer Success/VP of Product Strategy @ Funnel Leasing VP of Product & Marketing @ TheGuarantors VP of Customer Success @ Remarkably

Rob Hayden
Rob is an active entrepreneur, startup operator, and sales executive within the real estate tech and fintech ecosystem. Rob brings to JKURV members over 10 years of experience in startup world and insights gleaned from building technology for institutional multifamily and single family rental market.

Rob's Operator Experience: Founder, CEO @ Renew VP Sales @ Jetty Director @ NYL Ventures Legal @ American Well (IPO in 2020)

Marie Kloor
Marie Kloor is a long-time operator in news and media industry, having co-founded and led VC-backed startups. Marie brings to JKURV members her fundraising expertise, select network contacts in VC and real estate, marketing and operations contacts.

Marie's Operator Experience: CEO, Co-Founder @ Hydra Studios (backed by Slow Ventures, Courtside VC, Fifth Wall, and City Rock) CRO @ News Deeply (backed by Wavemaker Ventures, Social Capital, Omidyar Network) Institutional Investment Management @ Goldman Sachs

Gregg Carman
Gregg is a long-time operator with focus on GTM and growth, having led at several software startups over the years - accomplishing ARR growth by 2X-3X. Gregg's expertise, network, and playbooks bring JKURV members access to strategies and methods in accelerating their revenues.

Gregg's Operator Expereince: CRO @ Nuvolo CRO @ Humanyze Sr. VP of Sales @ Mattersight CRO @ Kaleo Software

Mara Matosic
Mara's deep and broad expertise in execution, BD, communications will give JKURV members invaluable access to knowledge in product development, from MVPs to product roadmaps to GTM and growth strategies.

Mara's Operator Experience: Co-Founder @ Rokode (Acq'd) Product Manager @ Bolido Market Insights Associate @ PepsiCo

Chadwick Manning
Chadwick's over 10 years in sustainability and renewable energy ecosystem bring JKURV members access to network, startup experience in execution, operations, finances, technology and business development.

Chadwick's Operator Experience: Founder, CEO @ Electriq Power (backed by Greensoil) Managing Partner @ GSF (backed by Blackstone) Founding Advisor @ ChargeNet (backed by Aligned Climate Capital) Partner @ 639 LLC Founding Advisor @ Cosmic Buildings

Niara Perry
Niara is an active leader in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, with deep expertise in communications and operations. Niara brings JKURV members access to her skills in building inclusive workplaces and products from the very start.

Niara's Operator Experience: Director of DEI @ Founder Shield Host of Persisting in Color (podcast)

Steve Fukuda
Steve is an experienced growth operator and enablement expert with the ability to distill, frame, and implement the vision and operational strategy needed to successfully hit major growth milestones. To JKURV members Steve brings over a decade of experience in biotech and at early stage start-ups, having succesfully built teams, created playbooks, and enabled organizational leadership to effectively scale businesses.

Steve's Operator Experience: Director of Revenue Operations and Sales Enablement @ Clora (backed by Spark Capital)

Olivia White
Olivia is the foremost expert in small business matters - from launching to growing, from establishing to leveraging network - particularly in female-founded space. Olivia brings JKURV members her expertise in operations, marketing, business development, and brand partnerships.

Olivia's Operator Experience: Founder & CEO @ 41 Winks

Kevin Hoyle
Kevin is a long-time operator in real estate/proptech startups, spanning over 10 years. To JKURV members Kevin brings his startup and ops experience, particularly his expertise in execution, operations, business development, and communications.

Kevin's Operator Experience: Director, Solutions Development @ Entera.ai Director, Ops and CRM Development @ The Related Companies

Cass Vincent
Cass is a lifelong startup ecosystem operator - with expertise in talent attraction, recruitment, management, DEIB, executive coaching, and manager development. Cassie brings JKURV members her deep experience and knowledge in human resources, talent recruitment and retainment, as well as her unique network and executive coaching.

Cass's Operator Experience: HR Business Associate @ ZX Ventures Volunteer @ Stonewall Community Foundation US Chair of ABI's LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group

Dan Rossignol
Dan Rossignol is an active angel investor, former growth operator and board member within the global B2B software ecosystem. Dan brings over a decade of global early stage startup experience having built go-to-market teams and playbooks across over 6 countries. Dan's network provides JKURV members access to industry experts from Fortune 500 executives to early-stage growth operators who are committed to mentoring the next generation of startup leaders.

Dan's Operator Experience: VP of Revenue Operations @ Clora (backed by Spark Capital) RVP of Sales @ Rentlytics (Acq in 2018) Head of Partnerships @ UserTesting (IPO in 2021) Director of Global Alliances @ Geminare (Acq in 2021)

Elizabeth Stone
Elizabeth is an active entrepreneur, business strategist, and commercial real estate investor. Elizabeth's experience in business development, marketing, product commercialization, and strategies provide JKURV members with invaluable access to Elizabeth's domain in these fields, as well as to funding, regulatory experts, product design and development.

Elizabeth's Operator Experience: Co-Founder, CEO @ BI Medical, LLC Director of Innovations @ Ritual Motion Co-Founder @ BioSci Labs

Paul Stanton
Paul is a central operator in intersection of workspaces, proptech, coworking, and office building amenities. Paul brings to JKURV members his operations, finances, and marketing skills, along with access to his capital network, and advice on product positioning, partnerships, and GTM strategy.

Paul's Operator Experience: Head of Strategy @ Equiem CEO @ Building Social Director of Leasing @ Alliance HP

Courtney Cardin
Courtney is an active angel investor, battle hardened startup founder and advisor, with expertise in execution and business development. Courtney's network gives JKURV members access to resources in climate tech, impact investing, fintech, healthtech, and influencer marketing.

Courtney's Operator Experience: Co-Founder @ Aura Finance Co-Founder @ Blue Action Lab Strategic Advisor @ Common Future Campaign Counsel @ Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Race

Jonas Guenther
Jonas is an experienced urban farming startup founder and operator, having built We Are The New Farmers. Jonas brings to JKURV members his skills in operating a food business, CPG, farming, along with his expertise in execution and operations.

Jonas's Operator Experience: Founder @ We Are The New Farmers Founder in Residence @ NYU Programming Board Member & Mentor @ StartOut

Kathryn Scheckel
Kathryn is an entrepreneur and advisor, having launched Quanta and mentoring founders at Arizona State University, as well as incubating startups. Kathryn brings JKURV members her expertise in execution, access to higher education, real estate, and strategy & consulting networks.

Kathryn's Operator Experience: Head of Innovation @ Hines Founder @ Quanta Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships @ ASU Management Consultant @ McKinsey

Robert Morgenstern
Robert is an active real estate operator, investor, and entrepreneur, with extensive executive and operating experience launching and leading multi-family real estate investment firms. Robert brings to JKURV members his exemplary skills in business development, sales, as well as access to network of relationships in multi-family real estate industry - on both owner and operator sides.

Robert's Operator Experience: CEO @ Canvas CEO @ Juliet Technologies Managing Principal @ Morgenstern Capital EVP @ Kleier Residentail

Emily Wood
Emily is a foremost expert in marketing, execution, and business development - having co-founded/led ventures in diverse industries ranging from coworking to online support communities to design & marketing. To JKURV members Emily brings her expertise in marketing & design and access to her network of investors.

Emily's Operator Experience: CEO @ WorkSmart Coworking Co-Founder and CEO @ Raise Vegan, Inc. Founder and CEO @ Huntington Creative

Mark Brenner
Mark Brenner is a multi-time founder, executive, and operator - especially in TV and video media. Mark has led a few of his startups to successful exits, including acquisitions. Mark brings JKURV members his deep expertise in in enterprise sales and partnerships, M&A, and developing most efficient paths to funding.

Mark's Operator Experience: Founder and CEO @ WEST investor readiness platform Founder and CEO @ Vidavee Founder and CEO @ TVG Horse Racing Founder and CEO @ TV Guide/Prevue Interactive

Jacquelyn Corbett
Jacquelyn is a serial executive at startups across various industries and markets - business consulting, hair and skin care, brand agency. Jacquelyn brings JKURV members her expertise in networking, outside of box thinking, and business models - as well as access to her expertise in marketing, finances, and operations.

Jacquelyn's Operator Experience: CEO @ JC+CO growth accelerants CEO @ Cake Beauty (Acq in 2018) CEO @ Espresso

Henry Talamantes
Henry is an consummate entrepreneur and active angel investor, with deep acumen in launching startups and then successfully building the teams and marketing to bring them to the level of Series A and beyond. Henry provides access JKURV members access to his deep GTM experience, team building/hiring, his network - in multiple industries and fields.

Henry's Operator Experience: Founder & CRO @ Fetch Package (backed by Iron Gate, Seamless, Silverton Partners) CRO @ RefineRE (backed by Techstars, Colliers, Mucker, Acceleprise) Advisor/Angel @ multiple seed-to-Series B startups

Sara Sakura
Sara is an active angel investor and a former executive with deep operator experience. Sara brings JKURV members her professional network contacts and operator expertise.

Sara's Operator Experience: GM @ Veho (backed by Softbank, Tiger) Chief of Staff @ SwagUp

Kevin Flaherty
Kevin is the guy to go to when forming and growing teams at a rapid pace and maintaining the necessary growth rate for the company to get to the next stage, Kevin's attention to KPIs, negotiations, acquisitions will provide JKURV members with key knowledge and insights, as well access to Kevin's network.

Kevin;s Operator Experience: Manager, Acquisitions @ Thrasio (backed by Advent International, Silverlake) Analyst @ Advantage Capital

Lilli Markle
Lilli is a passionate entrepreneur and advisor, particularly in well being, SaaS, and real estate spaces. Lilli's expertise set includes business development, communications, and sustainable development. Lilli brings JKURV members expertise in demand gen, sales acceleration and brand positioning strategies, in addition to a vast network in the SAAS, real estate, fitness/wellness, lifestyle and events industries.

Lilli's Operator Experience: Director of Business Development @ HOM (backed by MetaProp, Moderne. Acq in 2021) Director of B2B Marketing Strategy @ Alfred (backed by Rialto, Spark Capital, Invesco, Greystar) Founder @ Well Adapted Group Business Development Advisor for Aashna Living

Jay Dingwall
Jay Dingwall is the CEO of Famous Folks and PurposeLed Brands. Jay has also invested in several startups (BlackWolf, Younity). Jay has helped startups and fortune 100 companies build a purposeful and impactful story, and has developed programs, playbooks and packages specifically to address the milestone based goals of early stage - pre-seed startups. Jay's network and access is very diverse, ranging from unicorn clients, to CEO, peer to peer groups, to impact and brand focused talent recruitment - a testament to his over 20 years helping others succeed.

Jay's Operator Experience: CEO @ Famous Folks CEO @ PurposeLed Coach @ PurposeLed Brands

Katie Berns
Katie is an experienced real estate and finance operator, having led business development and sales at companies such as RealPage, Rainmaker LRO, and CoreLogic. Katie brings JKURV members her vast insights and network contacts in multifamily real estate - from operations to tech - as well as GTM strategy/business development for mission driven startups.

Katie's Operator Experience: VP, Business Development @ RealPage (Acq by Thoma Bravo) Enterprise Sales @ Rainmaker LRO (Acq by RealPage) Enterprise Sales @ CoreLogic

Samuel (Sam) Taussig
Sam is a serial entrepreneur, advisor, and leader, with extensive experience in both startup and NGO worlds. Sam brings JKURV members his expertise in operations, business development, marketing - as well as access to networks in banking, fintech, sponsorship.

Sam's Operator Experience: VP of Product Development, Innovation & Special Projects @ Kabbage (American Express) Corporate Council @ CARE

Swarna Hebbar
Swarna is a experienced product and UX designer, having been at startups for over 5 years. Swarna brings JKURV members her deep design and product knowledge.

Swarna's Operator Experience: Sr. Product Designer @ Hello Alfred

Anthony Rolle
Anthony is a consummate researcher and scholar with extensive understanding of how to leverage data in operations and execution. Anthony brings JKURV members access to his deep network of research-based intellectuals who exist on the cutting edges of ideas.

Anthony's Operator Experience: Dean @ U. of South Florida Dean @ U. of Rhode Island Quant methods analyst with large data techniques

Gwen Murray
Gwen is a B2B, B2C, and B2B2C marketing leader, having led multi-disciplinary marketing teams in both VP and SVP roles, overseeing Performance, Brand, Product Marketing and Content strategies. Gwen provides JKURV members with insights on performance, brand, and integrated marketing - as well as access to her expertise in marketing, execution, and product - helping scale businesses and drive revenue.

Gwen's Operator Experience: SVP @ ISSA VP of Marketing @ Earth Class Mail VP of Marketing @ Shyft Technologies Ex-Amazon, L'Oreal, Sony, and Staples

Joe Robbins
Joe Robbins is a consummate communicator and entrepreneur, having gone through the experience of raising funds in early startup stages. Joe brings to JKURV members his deep marketing and content creation skills, as well as access to his professional network.

Joe's Operator Experience: CEO @ V18 Rentals Sr. Marketing Manager @ Sightly

Sarah Payton
Sarah is an ultimate startuper, with expertise both horizontally and vertically across all areas: partnerships, programming, GTM, business/supply chain issues, strategy, marketing, BD). Sarah brings JKURV members access to her vast and broad expertise, along with access to her network of key decision makers at Fortune 1000 companies and in supply chain field.

Sarah's Operator Experience: Head of Events, Productions & Food and Beverage @ WeWork Pre-Opening Team, Head of Partnerships & Programming @ Faena Group Head of Partnerships @ IPIC Theaters Head of Partnerships & Influencer @ SOL REPUBLIC

Ivan Kunjasic
Ivan is a long-time product expert, with roles at IDEO and startups backed by YC, as well as having lectured at Umea Institute of Design. Ivan provides JKURV members his product design superpowers, as well as access to his design network, and his mentorship.

Ivan's Operator Experience: Senior Interaction Designer @ IDEO Product Designer @ Abacum (YC W21) Visiting Lecturer @ Umea Institute of Design Product Designer @ Martian Ventures

Bicé Grobstein
Bicé is a founder and entrepreneur at the intersection of workplace experience, proptech and amenities, health and wellness, and hospitality. Bicé brings JKURV members her expertise in strategic business development, execution, brand positioning, and guidance on leading highly efficient remote meetings and remote onboarding experiences.

Bicé's Operator Experience: EVP @ lulafit (Backed by Second Century Ventures) Co-President @ Concierge Redefined (Acq by LIVunLtd)

Ravi Kurani
Ravi is a classic entrepreneur and founder, having built Sutro from napkin to reality to acquisition over 8 years. Ravi's expertises are in product development, operations, and finances. In addition, Ravi brings to JKURV members access to his product and his network of experts in product launch and development, managing manufacturing and supply lines, and offshore teams.

Ravi's Operator Experience: CEO @ Sutro (Acq)

Michelle Shuffett
Michelle is a long-time health and wellness space entrepreneur, with multiple roles at various startups, Radicle Science and Columbia Care among others. Michelle brings JKURV members access to her insights/experience and deep network across the health and wellness space.

Michelle's Operator Experience: Chief Growth Officer/Founding Team Member @ Radicle Science Former VP Scientific Research & Comms @ Columbia Care Wellness Architect & Medical Advisor @ We Are Not Alone (WANA)

Ethan Zohn
Ethan is a long-time non-profit operator, experienced fundraising and marketing professional, who brings JKURV members his expertise in launching organizations from scratch and access to his skills in partnerships, management, non-profits, and marketing.

Ethan's Operator Experience: Co-Founder @ Grassroot Soccer Co-Founder @ Safe Roots Foundation Inventor, CrunchBowl Advisory Board Member @ Kind Katch

Tara Benyousky
Tara is a long-time product marketing virtuoso, with experience at multiple startups ranging from pre-seed to Series C. Tara brings JKURV members her skills in marketing, execution, and accounting - along with her insights in GTM, growth strategies, and methodologies.

Tara's Operator Experience: Head of Product Marketing @ SKAEL Head of Product Marketing @ KORE.ai Head of Marketing @ Mortgagebot (Acq by D + H) Product Marketing Head @ SharpSpring (Acq by ConstantContact)

Dan Allon
Dan Allon is the expert in leading startups to growth - having been COO @ Moved and Head of Category Growth at Skillshare.com. Dan's deep expertise set includes operations, product, and business development. What Dan brings to JKURV members is access to his early operations expertise, product strategy, team building, his network, and keen understanding of marketplaces.

Dan's Operator Experience: COO @ Moved Head of Category Growth @ Skillshare

Jess Sun

Jess is an exemplary expert in marketing and business development, having led marketing and outreach initiatives at multitude of startups. Jess brings JKURV members access to her superior skills set in startup brand positioning, messaging, content, and community expertise.

Max Ringelheim
Max's most famous startup was being responsible for starting 2015's viral Hoverboard fad with his super popular brand - PhunkeeDuck. Max's deep expertise in business development, execution, and marketing provide JKURV members with critical insights necessary for growth success - along with Max's access to network capital.

Max's Operator Experience: Product Marketing @ WeWork Channel Sales and Account Manager @ littleBits Co-Founder @ PhunkeeDuck

Noah Isaacs
Noah's startup expertise cuts across all stages, from pre-seed to Series A. Noah is also the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Bowery Valuation, a real-estate appraisal technology platform used by appraisers every day - and is backed by Goldman Sachs. Noah brings to JKURV members his expertise in product, finance, and marketing - along with access to his network.

Noah's Operator Experience: Co-CEO @ Bowery Valuation (backed by Goldman Sachs) MetaProp Graduation Class of 2016

Jason Deppen
Jason is a passionate proptech entrepreneur with additional focus on fitness, wellness, and community engagement. Jason brings JKURV members access to his expertise in operations, execution, and finances, as well as his advising time, knowledge, resources and network.

Jason's Operator Experience: VP of Operations @ Moved COO & President @ Circuit Living (Acq by Livly, Inc.) Field Operations @ StubHub.com

Corey Loftus
Corey is a creative operator, both at startups and non-profits. Corey's passion for solving problems creatively while benefiting everyone is indispensable to JKURV. Corey brings JKURV members his superb operator skills, as well as access to his expertise in leading teams from zero to exit, and his network of peers.

Corey's Operator Experience: C3PO @ HOM Director of Customer Experience @ The Open Center

Mitch Altman
Mitch is a long-time entrepreneur, having co-founded a company in Silicon Valley, and successfully exited via acquisition: 3ware. Mitch brings JKURV members his skills and expertise in taking the startups from launch to successful exit, and in technology, execution, and resources.

Mitch's Operator Experience: Co-Founder @ 3ware (Acq by AMCC) Founder @ Cornfield Electronics

Dan Hess
Dan is a successful co-founder of multiple startups in analytics and information management. Dan's exemplary focus on identifying and cultivating high performance teams, coupled with his expertise in execution, operations, and marketing provide JKURV members invaluable crutch as they scale their businesses.

Dan's Operator Experience: Co-Founder @ Ironside Group Co-Founder @ Squark Co-Founder @ Inca Medical

Evan Freed
Evan is an expert in execution, operations, and marketing. Evan has startup experience both as a founder and employee, having founded Watchman NYC. Evan brings JKURV members his deep expertise in self-care practices such as meditation, body movement, and personal wellness, as well as access to teachings in mindset and self-love coaching.

Evan's Operator Experience: Project Manager @ Peloton Interactive (backed by Tiger Global) Founder @ Watchman NYC (Acq in 2022) Founder @ Family Retreats Corp

Scott Howard
Scott is a long-time tech, crypto, and blockchain entrepreneur, having co-founded several startups in web3/crypto space. Scott brings JKURV members extensive web3, crypto, and blockchain industry expertise and network contacts, as well as insights in investing, building, and participating in this industry.

Scott's Operator Experience: Founding CEO @ ePIC Blockchain Founder & Managing Director @ Full Stack Capital Co-Founder @ FactorChain.ai

Kenneth Neilson
Kenneth is the ultimate startup operator, having also founded a startup, Crate Crops - the Caribbean's first hydroponic container farming company. Kenneth brings JKURV members his deep operational and team building experiences, and his passion in identifying inefficiencies and optimizing costly processes.

Kenneth's Operator Experience: Head of Operations @ Neverland (YC W21) COO @ Birdiebox Founder @ Crate Crops

Michael Bonadies
An expert in brand development, operations, service, beverage, and culinary, Michael has led the operations of preeminent global hospitality brands from the world’s most vibrant art-driven hotel, 21C Museum Hotels, to the most recognizable name in Asian cuisine, Nobu. Michael helps culinary visionaries, and operators in the culinary, hotel and hospitality industries. Michael brings JKURV members his diverse expertise, experience, and deep network of connections.

Michael's Operator Experience: Founding Partner @ Myriad Restaurant Group President & CEO @ 21c Museum Hotels President Bonadies @ Hospitality LLC

Noah Abelson-Gertler
Noah is an experienced startup founder and coach. With his entrepreneurial background, Noah is able to provide JKURV members with targeted founder and co-founder mentoring/coaching services.

Noah's Operator Experience: Founder & Co-Founder @ The Founder's Journey CEO & Co-Founder @ ShareRoot (IPO 2016) Senior Account Executive @ AdParlor

Jason Brown
Jason is a highly skilled data product and analytics executor, having led teams at WarnerMedia, Dentus Aegis Network, and now at VideoAmp. Jason's top expertises are in execution, product, and operations. To JKURV members Jason brings access to his talent set and his network.

Jason's Operator Experience: Director, Data Product Management @ VideoAmp (Series F) Director, Data Strategy & Analytics @ WarnerMedia Global Data & Analytics Manager @ Dentus Aegis Network

Andrew Bogle
Andrew is a long-time startup operator, particularly with expertise in business development, resources, and sales . Andrew brings JKURV members access his valuable network and skills.

Andrew's Operator Experience: Financial Sales/Private Wealth @ Morgan Stanley Fundraising @ Robin Hood Foundation Board Member @ Kent School & GO Project

Jordan Black
Jordan is the ultimate sales pro, with experience at startups in stages from pre-seed through Series A. Jordan brings JKURV members access to his network and expertise, as well as his strong sales background and cross-industry experience.

Jordan's Operator Experience: Sr. Sales Director @ Clora (backed by Spark Capital) BD @ Ori Living (backed by Sidewalk Labs and Khosla Ventures)

Ryan Freed
Ryan Freed is a social impact founder and angel investor focused on the 0-2 stage helping founders build foundational processes to prepare their companies for scale. As well as help founders navigate the emotional ups and downs of the startup journey. Ryan brings over a decade of global early stage startup experience having built co-founding teams, raised institutional and angel capital, built venture, and cashflow/profitable companies. Ryan's network provides JKURV members access to founders who have built companies across a spectrum of industries from SAAS to service based companies, climatetech, fitness, retail, agtech, CPG, brand builders and so much more who are committed to mentoring the next generation of founders.

Ryan's Operator Experience: Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer @ HOM (Acq in 2021) Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer @ Peat (Active: Seed) Advisor @ MeetElise (Active: Series B)

Yev Ioffe
Yev's diverse background spans across industries and companies. Having started at an edtech startup, Yev has gone on to co-founding Mi-Si, the industry trailblazer in battery-free amplification for professional musicians and artists. Yev is Co-Founder at Mi-Si, Head of Ops at Prepare 4 VC, and Co-Director of Startup Grind Boston chapter. Yev's broad experience in startups provides JKURV members with differing angles and paths to problem solving and scaling the growth - as well as access to his network.

Yev's Operator Experience: Co-Founder @ Mi-Si Head of Ops @ Prepare 4 VC TPM @ Xplana Learning (Acq in 2009)

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