The JKURV Advantage

JKURV companies get to select a JKURV’R that will lead their monthly modules and get full access to all of the session content.

Partnership Programs

Build revenue accelerating partnerships.

Problem Solution Articulation

Develop a clear, concise articulation of the problem and the solution you offer.

Ideal Customer Profiles

Develop a clear definition of who your ideal customer is.

Buyer Personas

Understand who buys your product and why.

Your KaaS Partner Matters…

From growth operators to angel investors we have the KaaS operating network to help you crush mission critical growth challenges. JKURV is your Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) platform built and delivered by growth experts and designed for early stage teams that want access to early stage go-to-market fundamentals or accelerate revenue growth. We have deep functional experience at your company stage and know what it takes to get to the next level. Our pressure tested growth frameworks and playbooks are ready to share with you when you are ready to focus on growth.

JKURV Operator Network

The JKURV members have select access to a top tier network:

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